Friday, 30 June 2017

Fukuoka seedballs for guerrilla gardening in city shafts

Some of my mates have a new flat in downtown Manhattan near South Street. I love that place. The view of the city is great - looking out from the balcony - but the view of the city looking down is rather dismal.

Manhattan's city blocks have these thin air shafts running through - a depressed early version of the shaft running through the Empire's Deathstar. - Looking down from the balcony at the little spots of soil in the shaft below I daydreamed of a small cryptoforest there.
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Photo 'Tenement Air Shaft Balcony' av William Bode
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A photo by New York photographer, John Albok

A photo of the bottom of an airshaft by PJ The Sprite in St. Paul

I see a role for metropolitan guerilla gardening using seedballs. This could easily be done following the exemplary methodologies of the No Work Farming Master Masanobu Fukuoka

A photo of a seedball taken by Aravind Reddy in Bangalore Bombing on Green Mission near Bengaluru

More on how to make seedballs from the excellent book Freedom Gardens

More radical seedball ideas from Seedballs R Us