Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happiness Poem

Here is a poem I am working on, inspired by dharma talks and long days of looking at data. It is called 'Happiness'

The plasticity of the brain
Retracting and building neural connections
makes common tasks easier

Therefore, practice happy common tasks
Rejoice at the lovely,
praise friendliness,
Laugh and dance and hold babies
The neural pathways to happiness become superhighways

The backward-lighthouse-beam of information gathered by the eye
Offers billions of bits of information a second
Processed and transformed to serotonin and a smile
To be driven directly to the heart

Ever increasing with light and love

the very neuro-biophysical process itself
destruction and construction
Beijing meets manhattan: the roadmap of a swelling frontal lobe
Medulla oblongata now small country lanes,
little footpaths through a garden

Brain and heart and dancing laughing body
Molded by the patterns and tasks of a joyful life
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