Saturday, 7 February 2015

How to facilitate a vision workshop

I found this in a document about food sovereignty called 'How to facilitate a vision workshop'. It is from a piece by Trevor Hancock in the Healthcare Forum Journal, 1993.

We tried it in two villages in Uganda and it was genius. Take 7 people from the large group and bring them to the center and give them all paper and markers and ask them to take the journey described below and then draw (don't write words but draw) their vision.

Next time you have a 15-minute break, try this exercise:

Find a quiet place, take a moment to relax, close your eyes, and take a journey into the future:
It is the year 2024 and you are hovering in a balloon above your own community. During the past 20 years, it has transformed itself into an ideally healthy community. Imagine yourself floating down to the center of this place, where you climb out of the balloon and move around the community.

Take your time as you go into and out of stores ... workplaces ... streets ... parks … .neighborhoods ... houses ... healthcare and educational settings. In what way are the places you visit and the people you see healthy? What makes them healthy? Notice the colors and shapes and textures around you.

What sounds do you hear? What smells do you notice? Pay attention to how people move from place to place. Observe the settings where ill people receive care and the places where people learn. Take the time to experience this community at different times of day and night. At different seasons.

Try to imagine yourself as an elderly person living in this environment ... as a child ... as a woman ... as a man ... as a disabled person. Now spend a few minutes revisiting places you have seen that struck you most forcibly or that you liked the best, then re-enter the balloon, ascend back into the sky, and return to the present.

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