Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Faith and Science

A woman said to Ajahn Brahm that her Catholic faith was threatened when she looked out through a telescope and began to understand the vastness of the universe. She asked him, as a Buddhist teacher and a former member of the Cambridge astronomy society, to respond. he said "Madam, if you look back... through the fat end of the telescope and see who is watching then science becomes threatened." 

He said that great scientific findings are not understood but rather something that we just get used to. "All those big numbers and equations" and the vast vast distances of the universe are really lost on even the greatest scientists. We do not deeply understand it we just get used to it. He encouraged a spiritual approach to really understand. 

It is good to try and understand the vastness of the universe, "If you stop at a mystery and leave it as a mystery then you are coping out of the adventure of the mind which seeks for truth and knowledge." But he encouraged us to look to our human compassion and link these findings to human suffering, to suffering in the world. The answer for Ajahn Brah, and his encouragement to become a monk: 'watching the watcher'; looking through the 'fat end' of the telescope and seeing who was looking out. 

"Deeply in meditation" he said "you realize that that time and space is created by the watcher". Perception is reality. 
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