Sunday, 29 December 2013

Thank you YES!: 10 Hopeful Things From 2013

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10 Hopeful Things That Happened in 2013 to Get You Inspired for What's to Come 

Beyond the headlines of conflict and catastrophe, this year's top stories offered us some powerful proof that the world can still change—for the better.  READ MORE »

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Community based farmers field school in Luang Prabang, Laos

Thank you to the SPERI and CHESH-Laos staff as well as the Long Lan Elders and villagers for putting together such as incredible new FFS in Ban Long Lan, in the Phus Song Mountain area above Luang Prabang.

The Mekong Region and the world needs you!

(some news in Vietnamese)

Icelandic Elves Block Highway Project

Finally, some more news from the elves of Iceland. 

Thanks to Grist's SARAH LASKOW for this piece on Icelandic elves blocking a highway project. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

MOFGA - Supporting Generations Of Maine Farmers

Training the next generation of farmers and gardeners is essential to the future of Maine agriculture. Each year MOFGA works with dozens of established farms to begin training new farmers through our apprenticeship and journeryperson programs.

- Supporting Generations Of Maine Farmers -



Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
PO Box 170
294 Crosby Brook Road
Unity, ME  04988

Monday, 23 December 2013

Human Ecology, Vol. 41, Issue 6 - New Issue Alert

Human Ecology. Volume 41 Number 6 is now available on SpringerLink .
In this issue:
Wildlife Depletion in a West African Farm-Forest Mosaic and the Implications for Hunting Across the Landscape
Björn Schulte-Herbrüggen , J. Marcus Rowcliffe , Katherine Homewood , Laura A. Kurpiers , Charlotte Whitham & Guy Cowlishaw
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Land-use Change Modeling in a Brazilian Indigenous Reserve: Construction of a Reference Scenario for the Suruí REDD Project
Claudia Suzanne Marie Nathalie Vitel , Gabriel Cardoso Carrero , Mariano Colini Cenamo , Maya Leroy , Paulo Mauricio Lima A. Graça & Philip Martin Fearnside
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Reconfiguring Agrobiodiversity in the Amazon Estuary: Market Integration, the Açaí Trade and Smallholders' Management Practices in Amapá, Brazil
Angela Steward
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Future Scenarios as a Research Tool: Investigating Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation Options and Outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Louisa S. Evans , Christina C. Hicks , Pedro Fidelman , Renae C. Tobin & Allison L. Perry
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF   

What Makes Socio-ecological Systems Robust? An Institutional Analysis of the 2,000 Year-Old Ifugao Society
Eduardo Araral
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Doing Sovereignty in Native North America: Anishinaabe Counter-Mapping and the Struggle for Land-Based Self-Determination
Anna J. Willow
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Information Networks in Amenity Transition Communities: A Comparative Case Study
Jordan W. Smith
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Pro-Environmental Behavior: Does It Matter How It's Measured? Development and Validation of the Pro-Environmental Behavior Scale (PEBS)
Gail L. Markle
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

The Effect of Farmer Attitudes and Objectives on the Heterogeneity of Farm Attributes and Management in Switzerland
Eleni Karali , Beat Brunner , Ruth Doherty , Anna M. Hersperger & Mark D. A. Rounsevell
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Upland Farming Systems Coping with Uncertain Rainfall in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar: How Stable is Indigenous Multiple Cropping Under Semi-Arid Conditions?
Masahiko Matsuda
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Identity and Native Species Conservation: Similar Historical Ecologies from Idaho to Spain
Jose A. Cortes-Vazquez & Morgan Zedalis
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Indigenous Principles of Wild Harvest and Management: An Ojibway Community as a Case Study
Chantel M. LaRiviere & Stephen S. Crawford
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF   

The Socio-Ecological Transition on a Crop Scale: The Case of Olive Orchards in Southern Spain (1750–2000)
Juan Infante-Amate & Manuel González de Molina
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Conservatives Against Conservation
Lisa Heinzerling
Abstract    Full text HTML    Full text PDF

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Indigenous people's vs. Big Oil

Native American groups increasingly at the center of fights over oil and gas

There's a lot of natural gas and oil to be found on or near tribal lands. Will indigenous people go along with drilling and pipeline plans, or fight them?