Thursday, 20 June 2013

Peace Research

I am very grateful to Dr. Peter J. Matthews and all the researchers, science writers, editors, translators, illustrators, and publishers at the The Research Cooperative for adding the new group Peace Research

This was the topic of a dharma talk heard yesterday from the San Francisco Zen Center. The dharma teacher shared an insight he had after working in conflict resolution for many years: another one-word description for 'conflict' could be 'relationship'.

It seems that a lot of the work we are doing in ecology studies, especially field work, is about conflict resolution. We are looking for ways to resolve the conflict between modern human lifestyle and the rest of the life and ecosystems of the earth in the anthropocene.

For my part conflict resolution through Human Ecology and Ethnobotany with indigenous people is a kind of peace work. Through the recording of knowledge about uses for native plant species we are taught about the conservation related aspects of the relationship that is established between people and the environment. - I think of it as 'use it or lose it' and I also know that we will not fight for what we do not love. - Conservation in the anthropscene is a function of creating a healthy relationship in the midst of the current one.
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