Saturday, 22 June 2013

Organic Farm Poetry from Japan

Preparing for Tokyo I just visited the translated web page of Mr. Kaneko Yoshinori's Shimosato Farm in Ogawa cho town, Saitama prefecture.

While looking around the farm's webpages I picked this poem out of the jumbled automated translation of a farm trainees story. - It is about the trainees plan to make a book of the farming experiences and life experiences to share with farmers in Cambodia. - It is not clear who the author is so I cannot give proper credit but in the original text the author thanks the farmers Kaneko Noboru, Tomoko, Ishikawa, and Chigusa, as well as the fellow farm trainees learned together, and the people of Shimosato farm and Ogawa cho town. Perhaps forwarding this appreciation on is enough.

Farm Stare Future; Farm Frost 

Organic farming, intuition, the way to live life,
Became me in the farm frost.
The thing clasped about, 
Blood smears from this hand.  

In youth, traveling through India, 
Watching cremations, much until night fall. 
Three days, from fall to rise on the Ganges, 
Continue to burn hours after catching fire in the body, 
Smoke aims up to heaven, 
Ash, flow and hover to the river.
Meat and bone remaining burnt, 
Dog food and cow lick. 

Among those who have seen such a sight, 
In me, all life that I have led was born. 

Later, learning from local people in Cambodia. 
The important thing in life, without, at all, 
such a thing as power, 
such as position, 
such as honor, 
such as money. 

To value life, 
To live bright with the family, 
The people of the village, 
To live richly together,
To know such things 

The philosophy more than anything else, 
Is to cherish life. 

That there is only that day in and day out, 
To keep the stack small and steady. 

Bad things in themselves are also getting better, 
As the villagers say, 
The land is no good in spirit unless it is rich. 

And it is to the agriculture taken for granted, 
That will live on for granted. 
This village, 
The living land and soil, 
And all the live beautiful strong richness of farming 

We light a lamp in one corner.

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