Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cappuccino, Poetry and Heroes

I am sitting at the JOMA cafe in Luang Prabang drinking a delicious Organic Fair Trade cappuccino and being distracted from work on a warm Sunday afternoon. I was reading again through Walt Whitman's 'A Child Sad What Is The Grass?' (a good thing to do for Sunday afternoon distraction)- which, somehow lead me to some short stories by Campbell, which, in turn, then inspired me to write this short poem about the story of the hero. I think I will call it 'A hundred Thousand Myths':

Phase 1
The hero leaves the community.
Then the middle part,
Tests and difficulties.
Till the end,
Mystery, love and death.

The old cowboy love story,
With the big shootout,
That leaves the hero dead
dead as dead as dead.

But the hero lives,
And brings a new life to the community.
The hero life bringer.

A new life from death and sacrifice,
Shared to the community again,
An offering.

Nature and culture,
Bread and wine,
Given to mystery.

Burned, they turn to heat and light,
And light as smoke,
They disappear,
As wine poured on the earth,
As an offering,
And we drink.

We drink and tell the story till we fall down
We offer ourselves to the earth.
In the earth,
Where communities and heros and stories grew
As vines climbing up toward the light.
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