Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Now Don't Say I Never Gave You Nothin'

Free Stuff Conundrum

A market niche clearly exists for free stuff. There is an incredible demand and very little supply.

Just the other day I put up a post on the local online community site The New Hanoian (a kind of Vietnamese craigslist) for free stuff and it was answered in minutes by many people. I noticed that there were no old posts in that section of the site and realized why. I had to delete the ad after about half an hour because of all the mail.

In San Francisco we used to have the 'Really Really Free Market' as a kind of community gathering where people would give away everything from clothes to sandwiches and dance lessons. - That all ended tragically when the organizer Kirsten Brydum was shot in New Orleans.

What about a 'Really Really Free Market" for the international vagabonds among us? All the language teachers and NGO workers who are aimlessly roaming from job to job, and those international hitchhikers, sailors and couchsurfers who are looking for a bicycle or a jacket in their destination city. I say we need an online free market/library/warehouse/storehouse for all those vagabonds among us.

Why do we need all these piles of things stashed all over the world? Sometimes I feel like a human squirrel, arriving at a place and gathering up my collection of things to leave for a later date. - I would rather that these acorns are allowed to grow into trees (as a great percentage of the forgotten squirrel-stashed-acorns do). It would be preferable if I could put my surfboard, bike etc. into the local Free Market/Library and look to that in my place of arrival when I get there.

Too many of us are roving around only to invest in yet another motorbike and whole life to leave behind again. Let's share.
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