Monday, 26 November 2012

Orthodox Pastafarian Jedi

What with all this Buddha and Jesus talk on the blog my religious standpoint has come into question. TO be honest I am probably most closely aligned with the Orthodox Pastafarian Jedi.

I see Buddha and Jesus and all the great thinkers and philosophers and lovers of mankind as teachers. Maybe they saw something beautiful and were kind enough to tell others about it. It could be that they had some important things, some insights that I cannot overlook. I see them as psychotherapists of the whole of the human psyche, as fingers pointing to the moon.

But really, my faith, if I must say, is in pasta and in the force. It comes through, like Dan Savage in the fast lane, when I use the force to play Jedi mind tricks on the Italian waiters so that I can get more pesto and loads of extra Parmesan. Here in Vietnam I worship his noodleiness over a large bowl of Pho almost every morning.

May he touch us all with his noodley appendages and may the force be with you
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