Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sister Chan Khong

I've been listening to the songs in Thich Nhat Han's "Touching the Earth" for some time now and have basically memorized the song by Sister Chan Khong. - It took some doing to find out what the actual words were (I have been singing it to my friends and they catch a word or two as I get better at it).

Here they are:

Đây là tịnh độ, tịnh độ là đâyMỉm cười chánh niệm, an trú hôm nay
Bụt là lá chín, Pháp là mây bay
Tăng thân khắp chốn, quê hương nơi này
imgres.jpgThở vào hoa nở, thở ra trúc lay
Tâm không ràng buộc, tiêu dao tháng ngày.

Pure being is happening now
Mindfully smiling, reside in today
Buddha-nature is ripe
Clouds spreading over the countryside
The sangha is everything, everywhere
Inhale in as a blooming flower, exhale as a mountain
We are not bound, sailing among the islands of our days.
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