Thursday, 14 June 2012

Permaculture Design in Hanoi

Having spent some time thinking about Permaculture design with the students of the Human Ecology Practice Area (HEPA) I have decided to start taking steps toward a Permaculture design house where I live in Hanoi.

Permaculture creates sustainable household and agriculture systems, modeled after natural ecosystems, that minimize waste, human labor, and energy input through synergistic design and engineering. It emphasizes patterns of natural landscapes functions and species and organizes the various elements of farm and household systems to mimic them. It does this by looking closely at the relationships created among these elements.

The primary components of a Permaculture home are simple and easy, it is really about saving energy and resources. - This will soon be a home where the wastes are recycled into nutrition for the soil which in turn feeds the people in the house. Also, things will be arranged so that it can all feed itself - this will make it do-able and fun.

So far I have only made a few small changes.

The kitchen compost lives up on the balcony above the back garden in a 5 gallon bucket with holes in the bottom so that it drips onto the hanging plants and large potted plants below as it rots. Soon I'll put in a composting toilet on the top floor and make sure we use it with loads of leaves and so-on to make a high carbon slow rotting compost for later use in the banana circles around the house.

The folks at CulturalREcyclists, have a great video about a Permaculture teacher with an amazing example of it right on her property

Green Harvest has a great piece on 'City Permaculture: Sustainable Living in Small Spaces' about urban permaculture, garden layouts, orchards, home garden, structures, woodlots and animal systems
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