Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Global Organic Research Network

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements is in Rio addressing the lack of support from mainstream research funders. They have created the Global Organic Research Network (IGORN) which will showcase organic science and farming practices, in an attempt to garner funding for establishing a series of research centres in the developing world, and mainstreaming organic research and farming. The network will be launched in 2013.

In 2009 the Organic Research Centres Alliance (ORCA) through the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (CGIAR), also tried to set up Organic research centres across the developing world. ORCA failed.

ORCA failed because the "CGIAR at that time was not very welcoming", said Urs Niggli, director of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and a professor at the University of Kassel-Witzenhausen, Germany. He said recent reforms to the CGIAR economic landscape had removed the possibility of funding such a network.  

Hans Herren, president of the Millennium Institute, in Washington DC, said that the CGIAR was focused on boosting yields through conventional, industrial-type agriculture and monocultures. Ignoring soil health and an integrated and holistic approach to agriculture, which the new network is hoping to address. 

Find out what you can do to support IFOAM, who's goal is 'the worldwide adoption of ecologically,  socially and economically sound systems that are based on the principles of Organic Agriculture'. http://www.ifoam.org/sub/whatyoucando.html
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